A deep dive into the types of rugby equipment

There are a lot of women, think Harlequin Ladies Rugby Club, who choose to play rugby as a sport. But few of them take into account the wide variety of equipment which is required to play the sport safely. The game can get pretty rough, and that is why it is essential to buy protective kits in order to minimize injury risks. Here’s a deep dive into some of the equipment you will need while playing rugby:

Boots – These need to be durable and hard wearing. They should give players sufficient ankle and foot support while they are playing. They also have spikes to ensure players get more grip. They are manufactured by many sports companies like Puma and Adidas.

Gloves – These are important for senior as well as junior players. They have rough undersides which make it easier to get a hold of the ball. They also provide protection when you fall.

Base layers – These are just as important as any other equipment on this list. They provide protection to the bodies of the players. They are available from various brands like Pro Star and Adidas. Make sure that the one you get fits snug on your skin.

Shorts – These are usually loose, and have elastic waistbands with cords. It’s important that they are hard wearing since you are going to be spending most of your time on the floor.

Head guards – These are worn on the head, and help protect players from head injuries. They are available from manufacturers like Gilbert, Optimum and Puma.

Balls – Lastly, but also most importantly, if you don’t have rugby balls, you aren’t going to be able to play rugby, are you? The balls need to be of good quality so that they can last through a match. You can even consider getting separate balls for matches and training.