The most important rugby accessories

Rugby is among the most physically demanding sports in the world. You need to be 100% physically ready for a game of rugby, or you aren’t going to have a good time. This is not something which comes easily. It takes long hours of training to keep yourself in good shape and prevent fatal injuries. This is especially true for females, so just ask any female rugby player and they will tell you how important protection is.

In order to prepare for these games, and for staying protected, there are specific rugby accessories which you need to get. These range from training equipment to guards and field gear. Here are some of the most important rugby accessories you need:

Scrum Sled: This is an essential training machine which helps players train for scrums and rucks. It can even be used for understanding dynamics and body posture, increasing strength and push power, developing harmonized motions, and other types of training.

Ball Bags: Simple training sessions might require 10 balls. This is why huge sacks are very important accessories. You can carry 10 or even more balls. They are easy to dry and completely washable.

Goal Posts: These goal posts are just like the ones which you would find in American football. They are padded similarly too. The pads need to be protective and tough, since there are chances of players colliding with the posts at high speeds while trying to score.

Headgear: Rugby helmets use softer cushions, unlike American football gear. They are very important for players, and are amongst the most important accessories. Head injuries could end up being very problematic for players. The game doesn’t allow any hard helmets, so these padded skull caps are your best bet.

Use all this gea,r and you should do just fine on the rugby pitch.